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All website owners want that number one ranking on search engines. There are a number of legal and proper ways to assist your website to rank as high as possible. It is no secret that it is virtually impossible to guarantee you that we will make your website to rank number one, but we can guarantee you that we are able to increase your ranking as what it is from now with the SEO services Search Brown offers.


We offer services that will help your business rank higher that includes, but is not limited to:


Full Fledge SEO Services
We ensure your business is visible online and that the appropriate strategies are in place to reach as much as possible of your target audience as possible.


1. SEO Penalty Assessment – We take a closer look at the strategies you are using and identify matters that might cause penalties from search engines for possible violations. These are very often unknown matters and can cause a problem with rankings and traffic that is driven to your website.


2. SEO Website Assessment – With the website assessment report we provide you with you will have a clear indication of the problems we have identified that might hinder your website traffic as well as the recommendations we make to remedy the problems and where upgrades are required. With the website assessment, we will show you what are the critique used by search engines to rank websites and how organic search engine optimisation can be improved or are needed.


3. SEO Consulting Services – Search Brown can provide you with a flexible program along with customised training designed specifically towards your business’ particular needs. This might include internal marketing and website employees who might need some extra guidance and assistance.


4. Extended SEO Services – If you are out in the dark regarding SEO, we will be your guide back to the light. We will handle all the SEO matters entirely on your behalf. The following aspects are included in our extended SEO services:


  • Editing of landing pages and selected sub pages
  • Link assessment and management
  • Observation of search engine rankings
  • Observation of competitor site rankings
  • Project status communication
  • Report interview
  • Website revision
  • Page audit documentation
  • Keyword analysis and research


At Search Brown it is important to us that our clients enjoy as high rankings as possible and therefore we ensure that we keep you one step ahead. All you need to do is to give us a call right away.

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