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It is know as one of the most prominent open source content management systems all over the world and commonly used for blogs and business websites. Search Brown can create an appealing and optimally functional website for your business, regardless if you have an internationally big company or a small at home business.


Search Brown has been trusted by many leading businesses to improve their blogs, websites, plug-in enhancement, and theme development. Your business can become one of the many businesses reaping the success of the WordPress development by Search Brown.


Open Source CMS Development – While WordPress is an excellent platform for CMS development, we are experts at just that. We are experts at developing CMS on the WordPress platform. We will provide you with a complete installation and make sure the configuration is done properly to be able to use your WordPress website with all the functionality and features it provides.


Support and Maintenance – Apart from the development, installation, and configuration service, we also assist with excellent support and maintenance services


WordPress Migration – Should you need to migrate from a CMS platform to WordPress, we can help you with the entire process and ensure that it happens seamlessly without any worries or problems.


WordPress Web Development – With the help of Search Brown, you can have a totally bespoke website on the WordPress platform that will cover all the grounds you need to be covered.


WordPress Theme Development – In order to ensure that your website is exactly what you want it to be and to represent your brand to the tee, we can enhance your website with a theme customised to suit what ever you need it to be.


Customised Plug-in Development – If your websites need some kind of specific functionality, we can make sure that it is developed to suit the functions it need to have other than the typical.


Open WordPress Web Development – You can make it possible for mobile users to enjoy your WordPress website just as much. Not only will they be able to enjoy it on a mobile platform but it has the extensive advantage of reaching even more people.

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