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Social Media Marketing Strategies

You want to make sure you use the right company for your social media marketing strategies. You are searching for someone who understands what your objectives are and how to go about to reach it in the most cost effective way possible with the most impact. There are an overwhelming amount of service providers and making the right choice may be hard for you.


Search Brown helps you to make that choice simple and easy. Take a look at what we are good at and how we are able to assist you with the best possible solution according to your particular needs.

Digital marketing services we are great at:

SEO Consulting
We make sure your business is out there by scrutinizing your website and consider on page optimisation, consider link development strategies, and research your competitors to ensure we provide you with a customised SEO package tailor maid according to your exclusive needs and budget. We assist you with SEO from the start to end on a continuous basis to ensure you utilize the right keywords to obtain success.


Content Strategy
Before getting to the content, we make effort to familiarise us with your business, your voice, brand, and customer base. We consider unexploited possible clientele, sales, marketing, and customer service. It is of great importance to make sure we target the correct audience and not the alleged audience by scrutinizing actual data, competitors, social channels, focus group surveys, market research, and industry insight.


Only after all the technical boxes are ticked, we start to look at content creation and how we are going to make sure that content reach as much of the targeted audience as possible through link development, promotion and outreach, and social media.


Reputation Management
It is no secret that reputation is everything in business. Search Brown’s online reputation management services are intended to thoroughly explore your search results, social media, and far ahead. The most important part is to ensure that you have an online reputation at all and that your business is known for the right reasons.


This is where reputation management becomes an issue. We make sure you are known and your online reputation represents your brand in a fair way. Reputation management is likely to include services such as the development of a strategy, the implementation thereof, and possible software recommendation.


Gone are the days that in house PR is sufficient. It has become an important part of digital marketing. After the content strategy is in place, a stout technical foundation is set, a firm reputation is established, it is time to make sure the world out there knows about your business. This is where the outreach strategy comes into play to increase awareness and visibility. It does not mean because there is content, your target market is aware of it and saw it.

Search Engine Optimisation Audits

A Search Engine Optimisation audit help to make sure that you have a solid foundation for marketing efforts you engage in and to take full advantage of the investment you have made and to enhance typical search rankings. Usually a SEO audit is done after the revamp of an existing website, while a new website is prepared or to assess the general health of a website. It can also be used to address a very particular problem that a website experience with search engines.


Search Brown provides a review after an audit and assist you to make sure you succeed by helping you with the implementation of the recommendations in an appropriate way to ensure that you enjoy the best possible returns.

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